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AI Services

The following are the AI Services we offer. 
We also offer consulting assistance to uncover how AI can help your company in the future.

AI is the future

In just the last 6 to 8 months, developments in AI have taken some huge steps forward. Possible applications include analysis of large text and data volumes, image and video editing, optimization of code and speed, real-time translation into other languages. Just to name a few. Contact us and find out what the possibilities are for you.

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Image editing and optimization with AI

AI can be used to remove text, elements and backgrounds on existing images. In addition, they can make them up to 8 times larger and improve the quality and resolution.

AI image editing

AI can remove elements, objects and the entire background behind a person or building. There are many possibilities, call and find out more. (Contact info at the top of the page)

AI image optimization

AI can significantly improve the quality and size of existing images. As well as removing yellowing colors and damage to physical photos and slides.

AI image generation

AI can also generate new images based on others or a description of what should be in the image.

AI translation for 116 languages

We can offer to handle the translation of books, publications, manuals and also entire websites in real time. Meaning that you create pages on the web in Danish or English. And AI ensures that they are also available in other languages.

AI translation of websites

We offer to set up real-time translation of the pages on your site. In the future, you will only have to create new pages in one language and AI will take care of the translation into other languages.
Prices from DKK 995, and DKK 39 per month.
Click on the flag at the bottom of the screen to see an example of real-time translation from Danish to English.

AI translation of publications

AI can handle the translation of entire books and publications. Call and find out more about prices and options. (Contact info at the top of the page)

AI translation of text on images

Do you have old pamphlets or pictures that you want to use in other countries? Then an AI application can remove the text and insert a new one in another language.

Code and speed optimization with AI

We offer code analysis of both applications and websites. As a result of this, you will have bugs and obsolete code removed. As well as get a system or website that is faster and easier to build on.

SEO optimization

We use several AI tools for technical SEO optimization. For example, this page has gone from being displayed in about 2 seconds to loading in half that time.

Code optimization

As described above, AI can be used to analyze computer code for web or business applications. You get a thorough status of both architecture and further development possibilities. And gets the last bugs weeded out, which maybe only show up once a year.